Get Rid of Those Dirty Rats!

We offer rat control & extermination services in Grants Pass and Medford, OR

  • Talk to you about your experiences
  • Inspect the interior and exterior of the premises
  • Provide you with a complete report, with photos, of our findings

Our goal is to extract the rats that reside in your home or workplace and keep others from getting in. Our program includes follow-ups to prevent rodents from returning. Call 541-244-1213 today to schedule the rat control services in Grants Pass & Medford, OR you need.

Rat control Grant Pass, OR and Medford, OR

Exclusion is the most important part of eliminating your rat problem

We prefer not to use poison underneath houses or in attics. After all, no one wants to deal with the odor of dead rats.

The biggest part of eliminating a rat problem is blocking the path of entry into your home. Otherwise, even if you remove the rats that currently call your property home, more will find their way in. Hire an experienced exterminator in Grants Pass & Medford, OR who knows what to look for when eliminating a rat problem.